4d Hydro Amarillo

Amarillo, TX Excavating Contractor
4D Hydro Ex, LLC
4D Hydro Ex, LLC is an excavating contractor located in Amarillo, TX.
We service Texas and its surrounding states.
Our excavations are clean, precise, and ready for inspecting.
We uncover pipelines, phone lines, cables and anything buried underground.

We guarantee our customers the safest and most dependable hydro-excavation services in the business. Our hydro
excavation trucks are equipped with the latest and safest technology, and our employees are expertly trained.

Hydro Excavation:
Is the process of removing soil with pressurized water, then using a
vacuum to transfer the soil and debris to a debris tank allowing a
safer way to excavate soil and locate underground utilities
Is efficient and accurate and now the most preferred method of
digging around live lines
Is used for line, sign and pole installation and location along with
potholing, day lighting and slot trenching
Avoids damage to underground pipes, lines and cables